Tsuji laboratory

This is a home page of Tsuji laboratory at Saitama University who research Robotics.

Recent News

We have released videos(Japanese) introducing our research.
https://youtu.be/_MhhfgEAxsI The assembly robot with HDR force sensor
https://youtu.be/9Ak1_W9y_Yk The robot that realizes dynamic skill movement by machine learning
https://youtu.be/fQbkWFSCRCo Realization of ultra-realism using visual and tactile reproduction VR ―Virtual reality technology indistinguishable from reality―
We will be exhibited at the International Robot Exhibition 2019 (2019/12/18 ~ 12/21). Details are on the Projects page.
We presented 2 studies in IROS2019, Macau.
We presented 3 studies in IECON2019, Lisbon.
The publication of the following paper has been accepted in Advanced Robotics.
K. Kutsuzawa, S. Sakaino, and T. Tsuji: “Trajectory adjustment for nonprehensile manipulation using latent space of trained sequence-to-sequence model,”
Advanced Robotics, Vol. 33, Issue 21, pp. 1144-1154, 2019.
The publication of the following paper has been accepted in MDPI Sensors.
R. Koike, S. Sakaino, and T. Tsuji: “Hysteresis Compensation in Force/Torque Sensors Using Time Series Information,”
MDPI Sensors, Vol.19, No.19, 4259, 2019. (Open Access: https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/19/19/4259).
Kyo Kutsuzawa in our lab was awarded in SAMCON2019.
"Simultaneous Estimation of Contact Position and Tool Shape using Particle Filter"
We presented 7 studies in ROBOMECH2019, Hiroshima.
【For students】Click here to download file explained at the lecture.
We presented 1 study in ICRA2019, Montreal.